Homeowners Claim Checklist

Immediately following a Homeowner Loss:

  • Protect yourself and others. – Take care and caution when entering a damaged building at any time.
  • Report loss to the local police. Obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Immediately report downed power lines or if you smell gas, to the utility company.
  • Keep electricity off, if there is any standing water in the home
  • Report Your Loss to your Insurance Company, or call us at RJ Carignan & Company to have us submit the claim on your behalf.

Keep a log of where, when and how the loss occurred, as you will need to report this information in as much detail as possible to the claims department of your insurance company.

Also keep a list of damage or lost items. Keep damaged items until your adjustor has visited the home. You may also wish to consider taking pictures or a video of the damaged items in your home.

Keep all of your receipts!