Automobile Accident Checklist

Below are some helpful tips in the event you are in an accident.
Feel free to print this page, and keep handy in your glove compartment.

  • Remain calm.
  • Move your auto out of the road/harms way, if possible. Turn off vehicle.
  • Make sure everyone is alright. – Check to see who needs medical attention.
  • Call the police immediately. Arrange ambulance transportation if injuries.
  • Take pictures.
  • Exchange the following information with all parties involved in the accident:
    • Names of all other parties involved in the accident
    • Addresses
    • Phone Numbers
    • Driver’s License Numbers
    • License Plate Numbers
    • Year, Make and Model of vehicles involved
    • Name of insurance companies for all vehicles involved (located on your registration)
    • Location of the Accident (Street Names, Landmarks, Route Names)
    • Note the Weather and Road Conditions at the time of the Accident
    • Description of speed, and direction of vehicles that were traveling

When at the accident scene, it is critical to cooperate with the police, and answer questions truthfully.

Once you are safely at home, call your Insurance Company directly to report the claim (see company claim phone list), or call us at RJ Carignan & Company, to get the ball rolling for you.